Use Cases

In order to effectively manage outcomes, we provide hardware, software, technical support and an experienced team in order to align the proper resources with your communication goals. Below, we offer an inside look into our work in a variety of situations and environments. If you'd like to know more about our products and services, please call or write our office for a communication technology assessment.

Training & Workforce Development

Needs: Large Sales Force Training, Secured Broadcast

Venue: JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

Solution: StageTV, Fully Managed Webcast


Client received permission from the FDA to advertise a tertiary benefit to an existing drug. This benefit would put them in a greater competitive advantage against other drugs in the same space. In this regard, the organization wanted to provide sales training to their large group of salesforce in an efficient and effective manner..


In an existing conference center, our network team deployed an advanced internal television network using Internet protocol, StageTV, on private VLAN’s in coordination with the conference center's IT staff, using their existing infrastructure. This allowed the event production company to broadcast training session into breakout rooms, in HD, segmented by sales territory for efficient training.

Brand Management

Needs: Global Broadcasts by Hemisphere, Internal Communication, Private
Venues: Corporate Home Office, Global Corporate Offices, Agency Office
Solutions: StagePRO, Fully Managed Webcast
Client held a meeting at their corporate headquarters to reveal the organization’s new global brand to their employees. Being a global company, it was impractical to schedule the webcasts, separately, for the offices in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere so they could participate during their workdays, respectively.


Our team broadcasted to the Western Hemisphere from the corporate offices for the morning reveal. For the evening reveal, we re-loaded into the agency’s office at night, in order to broadcast into the Eastern Hemisphere during their work morning. The value was being able to move with production, maintain flexiblility and also understand what was important to broadcast out of two separate network environments without any issue so the organization could communicate effectively.


Corporate Announcements

Needs: Secured Global Broadcast, Internal Communication, Rapid, Quiet

Solution: StagePRO, Fully Managed Webcast


Client was purchased by a larger, multi-national corporation. The deal was put together quickly and the client wanted to announce the details, internally, to their employees, as a special announcement, before announcing the deal publically.


We were asked to deploy a private portal that could only be accessed by internal employees with a company domain email. The requirement also invloved to loading-in equipment and testing the uplink and downlink, privately, after working hours.


As our applications are proprietary, we deployed a custom branded portal, with IP-blocking and a Q&A interface, within hours. Because of our commitment to service, we arranged small teams of technicians to test the network at the broadcasting location and the downstream at a local corporate office for the live broadcast. This is a demonstration of how we deliver results through our people, our products and our process.