StageTV is a fully-managed platform with advanced features. StageTV is a system through which HD video is delivered using the Internet protocol over a network such as a LAN (local) or the public Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast systems like terrestrial and satellite signal formats.

Organizations commonly use an local deployments of StageTV, as a "self-contained", highly-engaging HD, broadcast environment, in order to train large groups of people inside large-scale conference facilities. Using the venue's network infrastructure, instructional content is produced live, on-site, and broadcast into break-out rooms for regionalized applicability.

In addition to quality and security, broadcasting content to break-out rooms helps reduce time lost to foot traffic in-between break-out and general sessions. As well, StageTV is used as an external broadcasting service to save on costs normally associated with satellite transimission without losing quality or reliability. StageTV features include:

Depending on your communication objectives StageTV can be deployed to deliver live HD video for internal and external environments. Content is delivered to set-top-box’s which can then be connected to a monitor, projector or video mixer.

StageTV features and applications include:

  • Training & Workforce Development - Deliver live HD video, locally, within large-scale conference facilities to thousands of employees gathered in break-out sessions, throughout a conference center.
  • Satellite Replacement - Delivering and receiving live HD video for global delivery from multiple broadcasting locations.
  • Broadcasting Using Internet Protocol -
  • Internal or External Broadcasts
  • Satellite Alternative
  • Set-Top Boxes (decoders)
  • Deliver HD video up to 1080i over IP network
  • Low-Bandwidth Utilization
  • Unicast or Multicast
  • Set-Top Boxes with HDMI, Component, & Composite Outputs
  • Broadcasting Using Internet Protocol
  • Internal or External Broadcasts
  • Satellite Replacement
  • HD Delivery
StageTV delivery requirements may include:

  • Connectivity on local network up/down
  • DHCP or Static IP’s (prefer) Dry VLAN
  • Encoding / Delivery Protocols UDP/TCP
  • Multicast or Unicast options up to 35Mbps based upon Assessment
  • Component or HDMI video source
  • HDMI embedded or unbalanced audio source
  • Monitors with HDMI, Component, or Composite Inputs
  • Sound System if not using TV Monitor’s
StageTV helps organizations connect and engage their people in a highly efficienty and effective manner. Want to learn more about StageTV? Call or write our office for a Communiation Technology Assessment for your upcoming meeting or event.