It is a fully-featured HTML5 and Flash video player wrapped into a single player. StagePLAYER uses mode selection via adaptive bitrate to offer the most engaging user experience. This player supports all the popular desktop browsers and mobile devices.

With the HTML iframe tags, you can embed StagePLAYER into your internal or external website to stream live video into your website as a mixed program feed.

  • Limited Viewer Analytics – It is limited to a number of plays live and on-demand.
  • Limited Security – There is no independent security and the client must embed the iframe code in a private page.
  • On-demand - Embed code available 24 hours after event of recorded event – You have a hosting period for your on-demand video available in 30 day blocks.
  • Bandwidth and Hosting – Get live/ on-demand content hosted on a global content delivery network of thousands of servers built for speed, and scalability.

StagePLAYER features include:

  • HTML5 & Flash Video Player
  • iFrame Easy to Embed into Website
  • Connected to CDN for Global Delivery
  • Adaptive Bitrate Playback for Various Devices

With StagePLAYER, help bring the power of live and on-demand video broadcasting to your website. If you want to know more about StagePLAYER, call or write our office today.